With over 20 years combined experience in financing, our focus is to be your one stop shop for


FBC GROUP is a dynamic, independent firm of consultants who specialize eliminating debt through financial


A home equity loan is a great financing solution for many reasons such as debt consolidation, renovations,


At FBC GROUP, we specialize in equity based, common sense financing solutions for our clients. We provide


With over 20 years of combined financing and debt restructuring experience, FBC GROUP has bridged the best of all worlds to create a dynamic resource of financial services. FBC GROUP is a dynamic, independent firm of consultants who specialize in private funding, equity financing, construction financing and eliminating debt through financial restructuring models and assisting those who are experiencing financial crisis. At FBC GROUP, we specialize in equity based, common sense financing solutions for our clients.

We provide equity financing to clients who don’t qualify with the banks due to credit and/or income issues, and for any purpose you require. The benefits to our clients are endless. Our free consultation, live customer support, open 5 days a week and by appointment on the weekends, onsite interactive free financial seminars, free membership to discounts, free financial initial advisory, diverse language services, are just a few of our invaluable services…


  • I just wanted to send a quick message to say how much I enjoyed working with the team at FBC GROUP. They made the process of getting a home equity loan so simple and easy. Thanks to them they have removed a big burden off my shoulders. I would highly recommend FBC GROUP to anybody in the future.
    Christina F., Brampton
  • Your company was so pleasant to work with. Not only did you relieve the financial burden off of my shoulders, but I was very impressed with your quick and professional service. Based on my experience, I would absolutely recommend you to my family and friends in need.
    Julio M., Barrie
  • Thank you so much for helping me with my finances especially in such a short time frame. We are in a much better place now with our mortgage. Thank you for your advice and the work you put in.
    Emmanuel A., Brampton
  • I would like to thank you for all your hard work as my situation wasn’t an easy one. Your expertise in financial management regarding mortgages has helped me make the correct decisions on how to proceed in the matters with my mortgage. Thank you so much and hope to do business with you again in the future.
    John F., Mississauga
  • Thanks again for getting us back on track with our finances. You are all very pleasant and I have nothing but admiration for your professionalism with us in this big step we have taken at this stage of our life. We wish you the very best always.
    Emmanuel & Comfort A., Brampton
  • After finding out about the new housing rebate from my friend, I contacted FBC GROUP and was very impressed with their advice. They were very straight forward and knew exactly what was needed in order to apply for this rebate. I had my rebate cheque in the mail in few weeks.
    Katherine B., Toronto
  • The service delivered was very professional and the fees charged were more than reasonable. Once the relevant information/documentations were provided to FBC GROUP, all I needed to do was wait for the rebate. Furthermore, I was kept informed of the current status throughout the entire process. I received my rebate cheque in the mail in 4 weeks.
    Jasmine M., Oakville