FBC GROUP is a dynamic, independent firm of consultants who specialize in eliminating debt through financial restructuring models and assisting those who are experiencing financial crisis. Helping people deal with immediate debt problems is only part of the story at FBC GROUP. We also equip clients with the skills they need to manage their finances intelligently over time, and hopefully for a lifetime. This is the central motivation that accounts for the moral and ethical standards that unite our organization.

FBC GROUP is a leader in debt restructuring with:

  • The most qualified debt negotiators in the industry
  • Custom plans designed to meet the needs of each client
  • Unparalleled professionalism
  • A reputation for excellence in customer service

Our consultants have supervised the successful restructuring of debt held by our clients across Canada, with settlements as low 25% of total debts owed. We negotiate the lowest possible settlements for debtors, helping them show restitution to creditors and prevent claims of bankruptcy.

FBC GROUP acts on behalf of the debtor, not the creditor. We are one of the few companies in the industry with this approach to debt elimination and financial restructuring, resulting in services that put debtors back on track to rebuild their credit and effectively manage their finances.

Our debt restructuring services include:

  • Debt Settlements and Negotiations
  • Consumer Proposal Consultancy
  • Bankruptcy Consultancy
  • Credit Counseling / Rebuilding

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